you film, we edit,
you steal the show

Anyone can create a film. Whether you have experience or not, we will help you produce films for your organization or brand quickly and affordably.

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your film year plan

Create films throughout your entire organization

Constructed together
with our film strategies

employees become professional film makers

Our masterclass makes a pro out of everyone

Trained by the best
film professionals

you do the filming

Where and when you like

A complete camera- and sound recording kit in the Yellow Case

or fast and flexible with your mobile

unique personal account

Help with filming, upload footage and direct access to all your films in different

Your films are just one click away

from 20 films per year
to 500+

A boost for your communication

Look around you. Everything is in motion; everything is a potential film. From the introduction of that ‘new way of working’ to showing Berlin your success in London. From finding a high potential for that job opening or to create that promotional film that will get you a big investor.

Inhousefilming is easy, fun and effective. What are you waiting for?

it’s as easy as 1-2-3


After the masterclass training you get to work with our 'yellow case’. You will be filming and directing. Simple and effective. You upload your footage to Need help? Our producers are available!


Our experienced editors are ready to work with your footage. With a sense of speed and timing, they will make an impressive film out of your raw footage.


Are you happy with your film? You can share it right away with your co-workers, customers and suppliers - or with the rest of the world. Nothing is more fun, than showing the end result.

steal the show

Every day new inhousefilms are shown, shared and applauded. Watch some recent examples here.

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"Friendship relieves tensions"

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Graduate Day

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Hilsen fra Roskilde Festival 2017

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Onboarding Valcon

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Besøg fra Kina

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Et lift hjem til jul

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Kaffeclips flip

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Meat your future

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Smag på MENY

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OMHU æblemost

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Promote your company/product/service.

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celebrate success on video

We’re awesome, proud of it too - and you’re a part of our success story.

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Events mark important milestones. Make sure to report them!

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Spot on a colleague or customer.

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switch jobs for a day

Crush prejudices with your camera.

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let’s get this party started

Remember to celebrate your successes, and remember the celebrations with…film.

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instruction films

Don’t tell it - SHOW IT.

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What’s the latest status? Keep everyone up to date and engaged.

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